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South Florida is home to many great flight schools, and you can learn on just about any make and model of aircraft you can think of.  It also happens to be one of the most busy airspace in the country, so it provides a very challenging environment to learn in.

Nearly every airport is tower controlled, so you need to pick up on communications fairly quickly.

Take a look at some of the schools we found in Miami.

Full List of Flight Schools in Miami

ATA Flight School
1602 Southwest 77 Avenue
Pembroke Pines, FL 33023
(954) 966-3335

From multi-engine time building to getting a high performance and complex rating, ATA flight school will lead you on a path of success in your aviation career. Offering flight training in both english and spanish, ATA is located at Hollywood North Perry airport which is just north of Miami. There courses use Jeppesen style texts and dvd's to enhance the learning process and make you a better pilot in the shortest amount of time. Financing for your training is also available through the Salle Mae foundation and they will do there best to get you done in the shortest amount of time.

ADF Airways
14532 sw 129 st
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 233-6648

If your'e looking to learn how to fly in miami, this place has got it all. From private pilot to cfi ratings, adf airways is your'e one stop shop for flying. Challenge yourself with an instrument rating, or take your career one step further with a commercial pilots license, either way you cut it, adf can get you there. With there hands on training with qualified instructors, you can do everything from going on your first lesson, to practicing spin training. Choose between part 61 and 141 training to get the most of your flying career.

Asoler Aviation LLC

Get one-on-one flight instruction from some of the leading flight instructors in the south florida area. Choose from a variety of program designed to fit your needs and career goals, while living the florida lifestyle. With a fleet of over 60 aircraft, and a curriculum designed to get you up in the air as fast as possible, asoler aviation is one of the finest flight schools in south florida. They have a variety of international programs for you to choose from, get in contact with them today to start your career now.

Dean International
14150 Southwest 129th Street
Miami, FL 33186-5310
(305) 259-5611

An FAA approved Part 141 flight school, Dean aviation has been in business since 1994. Get your pilots license, earn your instrument rating, or challenge yourself with a CFI rating. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your aviation career at Dean International. Students come here to train from all around the world, in some of the best flying conditions you can imagine.

Executive Flight Training

While primarily a part 135 operator, executive flight training offers everything from private through cfi training in a Cessna 172 RG and a Cessna 152. They also provide sightseeing and tours across the beautiful Miami skyline. Get your IFR rating in a safe secure environment. Check them out today.

Falcon Flight School
13500, SW 134th Avenue,
Unit 3, Miami FL 33186

Established in 2007, Falcon is specifically geared towards training foreign pilots, mainly from India. They offer a multi course module that takes you from the theory of flight all the way to developing your skills as a pilot. You can start with this program for as little as $30,000 depending on how fast you can complete the training. Most private students at Falcon finish there private pilots license in as little as 40 hours. The ground school portion of there program is done in India, while the flying is done in Miami.

Pelican Flight Training
1601 Southwest 75th Avenue
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
(954) 966-9750

Pelican specializes in students from overseas looking to make a career in aviation. There program is specifically designed for the career aviator and offer everything from private through commercial ratings. There advanced aviation career program is a 3 year commitment designed to get you your JAA license and certificates, to put you on a path to an aviation career of your choice. After you complete your JAA program, you will move on to earn a type rating in some of the most advanced aircraft on the market. Students of pelican often become flight instructors at the school as a way to build time towards that coveted job.

Platinum Aviation
15001 Northwest 42nd Avenue
Miami, FL
(305) 537-9430

Located at Opa Locka Airport in Miami, Platinum Aviation is specifically geared towards training in Cirrus aircraft. They offer every type of flight instruction available, form private all the way through ATP. If your a potential student from outside the US, you can also apply for the school as long as your approved by the TSA to start training. Learning to fly in a Cirrus aircraft has distinct advantages, considering they are high performance airplanes that use advanced cockpit designs. They also provide very light jet (VLJ) training for those who seek it.

Wayman Aviation
14351 NW 41st Ave # 209
Opa-locka, FL 33054
(305) 685-6468

Wayman aviation is a professional flight academy geared towards career minded students. Students come from a variety or backgrounds and ethnicities and this flight school is regarded by many to be one of the best in Miami. Take your first flight, or enjoy a scenic skyride with one of there qualified instructors. You can also get your BFR or IPC check done at Wayman. There professional pilot program is a part 141 curriculum which is designed to take you from 0 hours to 250 hours of PIC time, as well as help you transition to flying more complex airplanes. Students who have the money can also get heavily discounted type rating with there partner program at Pan Am flight academy. There flight school is located in Opa Locka airport in Miami.