AOPA – Learn to Fly

Probably the biggest resource on the internet for learning to fly. AOPA stands for Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and organization dedicated to improving the General Aviation sector, and helping students attain there certificate. Get a free 6 month membership to there organization by clicking on the link above.

Airports in Florida

Map of all of the airports in florida.


Great resource for airports across the country.  Provides information about airports, navaids, airspace fixes, and where the cheapest fuel is in the country.

Flight Aware

Track any flight, anywhere, at any time using flight aware.  Simply put in the flights # or origin/destination airport, and see exactly where the flight is.

Aviation Weather

The biggest resource for pilots looking for weather information.  Government funded website which provides information on the latest weather and forecasts.

Airline Pilot Central

Information on practically every airline in the country.  Has information on pay scales, hiring information, and links to other websites.  Also home to one of the most popular forums on Aviation.

Flight Plan

Plan your next flight using this great resource.  Get FBO and airport information, as well as flight planning tools.

Weather Resources

By far the best weather planning tool is by calling 1-800-WX-BRIEF.  Run by Lockheed Martin, they will provide you with everything you need to know about the weather in your area.