I have flown out of the Ft Pierce aiport (KFPR) several times, but never got a chance to stop by any of the schools.  I did, however, get to check out some of the local eats as they do have a diner right on the field.  Their are several very reputable flight schools in Ft Pierce, and I listed them here as I found out about them.  As always, be sure to check with each individual school as far as pricing and instructor availability are concerned.

TradeWinds Flight School

This school has a wide variety of programs to choose from, including multi-engine, instrument, and advanced career path training. Located at fort pierce airport, the way this school differs from alot of the others is they provide one on one training with highly experienced instructors. They do offer many discounted programs as well, which vary with the season. Tradewinds also specializes in agricultural training (crop dusting), aerobatic training, and helicopter pilot programs as well. Their flight instructor program is one of the best on the east coast, and they also run time building programs.

European Flight Training

Located in Ft. Pierce as well, EFT is one of the only schools in the country that offers JAA flight instruction. They specialize in fast track programs which are designed to get you from 0 flight hours, to a fully certificated pilot capable of flying for the airlines. There program, while expensive compared to some other flight training schools in south florida, is one of the best in the country and has produced hundreds of commercial airline pilots. The school was founded by a British Airline pilot who has over 20 years experience in running a JAA program. EFT also runs a jet transition program, which prepares you for real world commercial aviation. You will learn some of the most advanced systems in a CRJ 200 simulator, as well as get hands on training with EICAS, FMS, and other flight management systems.

Aviator Flight Training College (Formerly known as Ari-Ben)

Formerly known as Ari-Ben aviator, this school is actually a full fledged academy that also provides degrees specializing in aviation management, engineering, sciences, and air traffic control. They house one of the largest fleets of aircraft in Florida, and offer a wide range of degrees. The great thing about this school is that they provide instructional opportunities for not only US citizens, but also international students as well. Financing is available through various loan programs, and also helps with finding you a job with a regional airline or corporate flight department after graduating. If your looking to get your college degree and also succeed in the world of aviation, I highly recommend Aviator Flight Training College.

Flight Training International

A safe, comfortable, and reliable training atmosphere, flight training international is one of the only schools in the Stuart area that offer full time instruction. With a focus on safety, this school has been training students of all ages to either get there private license, or even get their ATP certificate. They also are home to a great maintenance facility and a part 135 charter operation that flies to the nearby Bahamas. If your looking for great flight training at affordable prices, look no further than this great school.

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