With a multitude of flight schools to choose from, Ft. Lauderdale Florida proves to be one of the most impressive locations in the country to earn your pilots license.  Each school below has been in business for quite sometime, and they generally have a very good safety record.  Be sure to contact them individually for rates and aircraft availability, as these are subject to change on a weekly basis.

Airborne Systems

With a focus on advanced pilot career programs, Airborne systems has been in the business of flight instruction for over 15 years. They are an approved part 141 school that is nationally recognized by the FAA for a high level of quality instruction. They also offer programs for international students looking to make the jump into Aviation as a career. Being located at Fort Lauderdale Executive also gives you the edge because of the towered airport environment and precision approach instrument landing systems. Take a look at their site for more information.

Ft. Lauderdale Executive Flight School

Located at Ft. Lauderdale Executive airport (FXE), this flight school is one of the most well known in south florida. They offer a wide array of training opportunities in some of the most advanced aircraft around. You can start small with a private pilots license, and then slowly make the transition to larger multi engine airplanes. There airplane rentals are actually quite cheap, with rates as low as $115 wet to rent a Cessna 172. They also have great instructors who will help you with your career goals and achievements as a student. Take a stop by the next time your in the area to learn more about there programs.

Professional Flight Training

For over 20 years, this flight school has been training students from the ground up on everything from a Piper to a Beechcraft. They are also located at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport and have very competitive prices. There state of the art facility also houses very advanced equipment to help you with your flight training, as well as a designated CATs testing center so you can take your flight exams. Enrollment in there school is dependent on a variety of factors, and you must be able to speak and understand the English language. Housing is also available for students at reduced rates.

Richards Flight Training

This relatively small school has been training students to get there private and commercial licenses for quite sometime now. They also conduct instrument, multi-engine, and IPC/BFR recurrent training at reasonable prices.

Take Flight Professional Flight Training

If your looking for personalized one-on-one training, look no further than take flight. They provide training in a safe a practical environment, and can get you everything from your private pilot, all the way up to atp. There professional pilot fast track program is also one of the best and cheapest in the south florida area. You can also take an intro flight for as little as $79. International students who qualify can also get special housing and reduced rates depending on the type of instruction required. They also do aerial photography and aircraft repositioning.

Platinum Aviation

Also located in Miami, platinum is one of the leaders in flight instruction in south florida. With a focus on Cirrus aircraft and a higher clientele, they offer some of the most advanced instruction in glass cockpit aircraft. Visit their website for more information.

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